Argonon token presale is open from 7th to 21st March

SOUTH AFRICA, March 6, 2022 / — At its core, the ArgHe token represents a right to redeem an underlying quantity of helium, a rare natural gas listed on the United States critical minerals list and currently in short supply, mined by Renergen1 from their Virginia Gas Project located in the Free State in South Africa.

The token is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) using the BEP20 standard. It provides a decentralized mechanism for trade and ownership of helium.

The purpose of the ArgHe token is to harness contemporary blockchain technology which offers superior digital security and a wider range of capabilities compared to traditional derivative instruments. The ArgHe helium redemption facility is accessible through the Argonon4 online platform.

What’s Helium?

Helium is a non-renewable commodity. It is a noble gas made very slowly through the radioactive decay of heavy metals underground such as Uranium and Thorium. The helium gets trapped in pockets of natural gas, where it can be extracted. Once helium reaches Earth’s surface, it can easily escape its gravitational pull and enter the vacuum of space. Hence, helium is a rare Earth element with a limited supply, and a diminishing commodity which cannot be recycled if purged.

Argonon’s initial coin offering (“ICO”) is accessible to clients (and/or investors) through Argonon’s online platform. 100 000 000 ArgHe tokens are offered to the general (international) public in the first round of the ICO. The price of the ArgHe token is based on the corresponding amount of redeemable helium from the Renergen reserve.

Each ArgHe unit corresponds to a single cf of helium as determined by the redemption value predicated by Renergen. Regulation D (Rule 506(c)) under the Securities Act allows exemption for the registration of offerings that are sold to investors who have been verified as accredited investors. Similarly Reg S exempts offerings that are made to non-US persons. If an ICO only uses Rule 506(c), then it must verify every investor as an accredited investor to US standards, including foreign investors. If an ICO only uses Reg S, then it cannot sell to any US person. It’s also important to note that the resale restrictions exist for both Rule 506(c) and Reg S securities, and they differ. This means that purchasers of tokens offered under Rule 506(c) might have different restrictions on how they can exchange those tokens from purchasers of tokens offered under Reg S. Both ICO issuers and purchasers of tokens must comply with the transfer restrictions so that neither allows for an illegal exchange of the tokens. Accordingly, the domicile of clients (and/or investors) purchasing the ArgHe token is recorded as part of the funding and payment capturing process on the Argonon platform. Argonon and its affiliates closely monitor the state of ICO legislation in the respective jurisdictions in which it operates.

Basically, Argonon is Bep20 token based on a real asset & rare element which is Helium, critical to almost every aspect of modern-day life, Renergen is the Helium supplier, an emerging producer of helium and liquefied natural gas (LNG), with existing production and sales of compressed natural gas (CNG).

Listed on SA and AUS stock exchanges! Arg tokens audited by and will be launched on Pancake and BitMart exchange.

Argonon presale is open from 7th to 21st March, Investors will be able to buy via USD or Crypto ( BUSD ) Exchange rate is 0.275$ for 1ARG

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