How it Works

Our ARG token harnesses contemporary blockchain technology, offering superior digital security with a wider range of capabilities as compared to traditional derivative instruments.

Built on the Binance Smart Chain2 (BSC) using the BEP20 standard3, we provide a decentralized mechanism for you to trade and own helium.

Send your ARG tokens to an eligible exchange or your personal wallet.

Receive ARG tokens from an external wallet or exchange.

Redeem helium in exchange for a portion of your ARG balance.

Argonon Platform Functionality Outline

The Argonon platform empowers the underlying value of the ARG token. Namely, ARG tokens can be used  to redeem a physical delivery of Helium gas from the Renergen reserve. The primary use-cases of the Argonon platform  are segregated between the current state and future state of the platform. The current state of the platform offers the  following capabilities:

(1)Buy ARG tokens – via USD fiat deposits and accompanying subscription agreements.

(2)Secure custody through a multi-signature Gnosis Safe.

(3)Send functionality – allowing users with a funded balance to send their tokens to an external wallet (or  exchange).

Whereas the future state of the platform offers the following functionality:

(4)Redeem Helium gas from Renergen reserve using the ARG token.

(5)Deposit tokens to the platform via a Fireblocks custody solution.

(6)Buy ARG tokens using BUSD.

The following screenshots outline the use-cases pertaining to the current state of the Argonon platform.

Create an Account

Users wishing to use the Argonon platform must complete KYC, and sign of set of subscription agreements associated  with their relative domicile. A summary of the sign-up journey is depicted in the following diagram.

To start the sign-up journey click here. The domicile of a user affects whether a user is subject to Regulation S or  Regulation D. Each Regulation has an associated locking period in which a user is unable to send their ARG tokens  off the platform. Reg D clients (from the USA) has a 365 day locking period until their earliest trade date. Reg S clients  (rest of the world) are subject to a 60 day locking period until their earliest trade date. Once the earlies trade date is  reached, a user will be eligible to send their tokens off platform to an external wallet. The following screenshots show  the Journey for a Reg D user.

Provide Primary Details and Domicile

Complete KYC

ARG tokens can be bought on eligible exchanges through secondary offerings, or on the Argonon platform as a primary offering. The primary offering is associated with the signing of a subscription agreement. To Buy ARG tokens click on “Transact” in the navigation bar and select “Buy”.

Once you funded you Argonon account via an EFT deposit, your tokens will appear on the balance page.

Users that would like to send their ARG tokens to an external wallet, or exchange can do so as follows: