1 million standard cubic feet of liquid helium


Register to bid for your share of liquid helium Grade 5 purity

Closes: 12 August @ 17:00 BST

Closes: 12 August @ 17:00 BST.

Dollar per Mcf

Renergen is the planet’s newest supplier of liquid helium from its world-class reserve in South Africa, producing high grade 99.99% pure liquid helium.

This supply comes online at a time when world helium is in short supply, making this newest addition a valuable addition to the helium market.

Why are we having this
open call for bids?

A surplus volume from our supplier Renergen will be made available through Argonon to the market. Interested parties are invited to tender for the purchase of a 1×11,000 gallon load of liquid helium.

The successful bidder will be responsible for sending a container to our helium supplier, Renergen, who’s plant is based the Free State Province of South Arica, on a pre-agreed schedule.

Qualifying criteria

All bidders will be required to register by no later than 12 August @ 17:00 BST in order for Argonon to pre-qualify bidders.


Argonon reserves the right to withdraw any invitation to tender and/or to readvertise or to reject any tender or to accept a part of it. Argonon is not bound to accept the highest or any tender, and  reserves the right to publish the successful bid price, and Renergen reserves the right to decide the Successful Bidder.

You will be notified in writing as to whether your application was successful or not.

Technical enquiries
Renergen Ltd
Stefano Marani
Chief Executive Officer
 +27 81 374 3438

Tender enquiries
Craig Friderichs
Chief Strategic Officer
+27 84 811 9550


By bidding, the bidder irrevocably agrees to be bound by the Confidentiality terms as set out and more fully described in the Terms and Conditions